Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hard Labor

Didn't I tell you that this year, my longan trees are loaded? Here is one proof. I was ordered to go into the role of migrant worker to harvest the longans that are now ready to be consumed. Thankfully, these come from overloaded branches that graze the ground so I didn't have to risk my limbs climbing up any branches or ladder. But getting them under the Florida hot sun is no picnic, I can attest to that. This is but a very tiny fraction off my trees this season, and there are lots more where these come from! Now I have to drive around and deliver them to friends, free of charge, of course. Should I cut down all these trees? This is too much work! This is just like owning a swimming pool or a boat. You pay for the maintenance, the gas and your friends and neighbors enjoy the benefits.

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