Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Orchids in Clay Pots

Back to Banjong Orchids... just to show you the new clay pots that he is using as hanging containers for sale with the orchids. These are very large and you would need to hang very large specimens on them. The roots have plenty of room to roam and these pots will outlast the red wood baskets that were the preference of years passed. I think that the various elaborate designs of the holes are silly because the orchids will eventually cover the entire pot that will vanish from view very quickly. Would I tell Banjong that? Nah! He'll kick me out of his place... or worse, he will never give me any free orchids again! Beautiful designs, especially the different hole shapes! Best of the best! Kiss.. kiss... Clay Pots


Sheri Burg, aka. Gardening Girl PB said...

Hi Lan,

Totally love Banjong Orchids! It's been a while since I have been but my orchids are still doing great! These are really awesome orchid vessels. The last time I was there I bought similar vessels but they were shaped as hanging bowls. They sure do make the orchids look spectacular! Thanks for sharing!
Best wishes,

Wendy Graveman said...

Just love,love,love those long clay pots!!! Do yo sell them wholesale?
The Purple Orchid Gift Shop
New Bern, NC