Sunday, April 8, 2012

Are you A Millionaire?

I paid a visit to my pal Banjong at his orchid business down on Krome Avenue and 216th street in the deep South Miami Dade today. As usual, his orchids are in bloom profusely everywhere. I love his personal vanda and ascocenda hybrids that he and his wife cultured from seeds that are fragrant. In this shot, you can see the new clay pots that he designed as epiphyte orchid containers. The vandas love these for their home. If you have a few millions US dollars and would like to own a thriving orchid business, this place is for sale. Banjong Orchids


DrOrchid said...

These pots are really interesting! Where does your friend get them?

Lan said...

He is a very talented artist. He has the original idea, designes the pots and has them manufactured in Thailand. They are for sale at his business.

okaymom said...

where & how can i buy one please?