Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Real Miami Dolphins

I was invited to go sailing in Biscayne Bay today... So I said why not? I'm easy! We came off from Coconut Grove with no particular place to go with a 23 foot sail boat skippered by two of my able sailor friends. Of course, they abused me big time and told me to pull this line, push that rod, tag this way, tag that way, pull more, release some etc... and I followed their orders without fail. Today's afternoon was hot, plenty of sunshine and calm sea with only a slight breeze but this is a good racing sail boat so we had no problems moving about. We were very lucky to spot a school of dolphins and approached them. Dolphins are very playful, and they stayed with our boat until we decided that it's time to say good bye. I tried very hard but could not get any shots better than this. There is no good way to know where and when they would surface but you can see at least four fins from the dolphins breaking the ocean surface. This view is SouthWest, looking back toward Coconut Grove. The two buildings with triangular shaped tops are the twin towers of the ritzy Ritz-Carlton luxurious hotel in the Grove. The Rickenbacker Causeway bridge is behind us. If you want to know where on earth this spot is, put 25.731833,-80.193667 in the search box of this URL. All and all, I had a sun tanned afternoon. No, not sun tanned, sun burned because I do not like to be greased up with lotion. Biscayne Bay

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