Thursday, February 9, 2012


In my blog, how many times did I tell you that Miami's automobile (and motorcycle too) drivers are very very bad? Today, I want to add another very to become very , very, very bad drivers. Look what happened to the left side of this car! Another young driver (should I say female???) made a big dent like this using the right front end of her car. Of course she was very upset and claimed that she was hit by this car. She was making a left turn into this car, and in Florida, making a left turn has to yield the right of way. You think that young person knew that? I think the probability of that is quite low.
Bad Drivers


Davide92 said...

When I saw the post title in the RSS feed, I knew it had to be about Miamian drivers! :)

Lan said...

How right you are!