Sunday, February 19, 2012

Miami Weekend

This is a typical look at the light traffic early morning on a weekend in South Miami. This is Sunset Drive at SW 62nd Avenue. It is now the trend for bicyclists to rule the streets here on weekends and thankfully, motorists do look out for them and do not run them over, knock on wood! The driver of the car on the left clearly is going to park and ride the bike that it carries. And... of course you see an expensive convertible. It's the norm here.

The new yellow building just behind the Executive National Bank is a medical office building. It's full of medical doctors of all walks of life. Baptist Health conglomerate is taking over South Miami. The pink building on the right is part of it. The last modern white building on the left is at the metro rail station. It has been mostly empty for years and now it has a new tenant. Guess whose name is on it: Baptist Health. Remember... if you are in or you live in the US, try not to have any serious illness. It will break your banks.

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