Monday, February 6, 2012

Home of South Miami's Wild Parrots

This is a slow bland Monday morning in Miami and standing here, I wonder where are the wild parrots when you need them to make life more exciting. But let me show you a great tip if you ever find yourself in Miami and you have the urge to witness and hear a large band of rogue wild parrots. This is their neighborhood. This view is from the Publix market's parking lot near the Datran center. The pink office building in the background is the Northernmost building of the Dadeland Towers office complex. Behind that building you will find a huge tree that is the home base of a large colony of very vocal wild green parrots. They behave as if they own this airspace and fly around in large groups squawking loudly when they feel like it. They like to hang around the windows of the Dadeland Towers buildings. The territory of these birds is quite substantial and it covers many square miles. This is the home of the wild parrots of South Miami.
Wild Parrots


skokiaah1 said...

Its funny about the parrots. I first became of them in 1990. I understand they escaped from the Parrot Jungle. They routinely came to the SW 104th St/72 ave area around 5pm...and to Kings Creek Condo(86th St/77th Ave) all day long. Sometimes one would walk to club house and see 10-15 of them on someone's porch....very nice! The numbers have increased!

Arzoo said...

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