Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Wild Parrots Of Miami

Whenever I am in my office, on the sixth floor of my building, the rambunctious noise in the sky outdoors always reminds me of a very special documentary about Telegraph Hill of San Francisco. It's about a flock of wild parrots, and Miami has one right here. They have been here for years, nesting in a tall tree in plain view of my office windows so when I get tired of looking at my computer screen, I look for my friends the very vocal parrots. They sometimes come park themselves on the window sills of the buildings, once in a while right outside my windows. Here is a shot of 16 of them on top of the building to my right. I am sticking a print of a colorful pair of parrots, one male and one female on my window, facing outward to try inviting them coming to my window for a hello. If they ever accept my invitation, they will be featured in my DP blog right here. Wish me luck! But please don't tell them that. They are kind of on the shy side.

Argiope Lobata

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