Thursday, August 2, 2007

Power of the Camera

I have to pass through this construction site to get to my office, so I did some snooping around and took a few photos this morning. The photo you see is a composite of two shots needed to tell this story. The brand new building is at its completion stage and this truck is delivering the dry walls for the offices. The power lift arm is remote controlled by the man on the right, who does it from across the street. I first took the photo on the left, then turned my attention to the man with the remote control strapped on his belly. To my utmost amazement, he stopped and tried to avoid me. I had a hard time to make him understand that I am NOT a safety inspector checking up on their work. He was petrified, thinking that I am documenting their activities for something sinister, like a safety inspection! Do I look like a safety inspector? No way!

Safety Inspector, NOT!

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