Monday, August 13, 2007

Open Pit BBQ

There are two open pit BBQs here to cook up a storm for hungry customers. A bonus is that they are at the edge of the ocean at this restaurant. This is life at its more enjoyable moments.

Pit cooking is like cooking in an oven that is heated up and then turned off just before the food is put in the oven. The pit has to store enough heat to cook the food. A fire is built to heat the rocks in the bottom and the ground around the pit. The meat is then put in the pit and covered. The fire no longer burns but the stored heat cooks the meat. To be well cooked, both air temperature and the interior of the pit must remain at or above 180 degrees Fahrenheit. In Miami, roasting pig in this manner is a joyful party event, but the pit probably has to be larger than those shown here.

Roast pig


Steve Buser said...

Totally unique view. Looks like an evening to remember -- the glow of the fire and smell of the sea.

--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Rambling Round said...

Great view of a barbecue and a good description to go with it.