Saturday, August 25, 2007

Too many books, too little time

This is the look of the toddler section in one of the many Barnes and Noble bookstores in Miami. I can spend hours in bookstores so I try to shy away from them. In America in general, and in Miami in particular, there are so many beautiful books on sale for so cheap (big discounts to clear their shelves) I tend to buy them at the spur of the moment, but never have time to read most of them. Too many things to do, too little time...

Barnes and Noble


• Eliane • said...

I am like you. Each times i go to B&N or Borders, I leave with three books. If we have a blackout for a weekend or so, I'll know what to do. ;)

Ann (MobayDP) said...

Ha! That's like me. Just so much to read and do in so little time. :-|
I have no space for a lot of books so I have to really limit myself to only books that I will actually read.