Thursday, February 2, 2012

No King of the Road, Please

In Miami, the sun is always up there (except when it rains very hard) beating on us and I need some new eyeglass to fight back... so I came to this local Visionworks that specializes in eyewear of all sorts. This is a large chain that has over one hundred stores in several southern, east coast and midwestern states and this store is on Bird Road at the corner of SW 67th Avenue, close to Miss Page to whom I still owe a visit when I get enough courage and money to pay her.... but I digress... I need eyeglass.

After talking to a very nice, sweet, knowledgeable and very very persuasive sales lady, I think I got two pairs of eyeglass that I probably do not need. I know a little bit more, but the more I know, the more I get confused and scared. Are you ready?

You are first overloaded with different frame styles to choose from, then you realize that you need all kinds of protection without which you may have eye damage beyond repair. You are told that damage from harmful UVA and UVB radiation is cumulative; that you can have special treatment to your lens to reduce glare. I made a big mistake telling her that 1/ I stare at computer screens day and night; and 2/ I drive a lot with the top down. She immediately said "Oh boy! Do you need us!" I got off her hook after I told her that I really do not need (read cannot afford) the King of the Road Dynamic Sunwear Drivewear brand that changes color from green/yellow to dark reddish-brown on its own; nor do I need the BeBe, Guess, Gant, Candie's, Rampage etc... frame styles. But I still left a lot poorer than when I came in.

I should have gone to the Eckerd next door to get two pairs of plastic glasses for US $7 each. In retrospect, plastic filters UV from the sun much better than glass that is transparent to UV. Besides, the harmful stuff can get around the eyeglass to damage your eyes anyway... Oh well, too late to reconsider!

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