Saturday, February 18, 2012

Farmers' Market

I managed to get to the South Miami Farmers' Market this morning. This is in the parking lot of South Miami's City Hall, on Sunset Drive. At about 9:30 AM, there wasn't a lot of activities and I am not sure if it will get much more crowded. To be perfectly honest with you, I can't tell these products from the ones I see in the grocery supermarkets except these look smaller. The sign says "local organic produce." There were return customers who come here regularly to buy so this seems to be a small friendly community. To belong, I bought a coconut from a man with a tiny stall. He had a long machete with which he chopped open the coconut he sold to me with a straw to drink from. Let me tell you... I don't think this coconut is any different from the ones I had from my backyard although the sign says "organic." The price was US $3.00 but I think it's worth it because I do not want to climb my coconut trees today to get a nut to drink. There wasn't much inside to drink... perhaps a small cup... may be it's really organic, come to think!
Local Organic Produce

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