Sunday, February 12, 2012

Miami Cold Dawn, Very Very Cold

This morning, I was foolish enough to be up and out at 6 AM, braving the 48 degree F weather of Miami, feeling like -20 with the wind chill factor to get to Key Biscayne. To do what? Well, to catch this Miami dawning. You probably have a hard time to believe it but that's true. This is a view due East from the entrance to the Rusty Pelican restaurant in Key Biscayne that parallels the Rickenbacker Causeway, the only road to feed the island that is Key Biscayne from Miami. The body of water in view was used for boat racing at the now defunct Miami Marine Stadium. Now sail boats are allowed to anchor in this water at a fee, I am sure. The sun was still under the horizon and I was too frozen to wait for it to peek out. I went back home and resumed my sleep and unthawed. Too darned cold for me, not good... but this weather may be what my longan trees need.

Did you notice the two bright yellow streaks of light on the right? They were the head lights of my car that was parked there.
Miami Dawn

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