Saturday, April 7, 2012

Coco Ma No Frio

It's a hot Saturday afternoon preluding a fast approaching summer in Miami. I took a long ride to the farm land area along a North-South narrow road that is Krome Avenue (Southwest 177th Avenue) that runs through the heart of South Dade farms. All kinds of produce are grown right here and many fresh fruits and vegetable businesses are open for business along this road. I am thirsty for a fresh coconut (which is my favorite summer drink) so I stopped here because of the big sign that says "Coco Frio." Unfortunately, the coconut that man chopped open for me was not "frio" in any shape and form. So again, I got a disappointed small, bland, warm two dollar drink from a sub par old nut! What is the matter with business these days? Coco No Frio

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