Thursday, April 5, 2012


This jackfruit tree is very productive. It again is bearing new fruits, not as many as last year, but there are quite a few that look in very good shape at this time. Hopefully they will not begin to rot like they did last year, and I will be able to get one or two to show you how to deal with the heavy sap contained within. Jackfruit


Levie said...

Hello, I've been reading a lot of your blog..every year I notice you always put something up about your Jackfruit. I was wondering if that's something you might be able to ship it to me in California??? I used to have them fresh when I was a little kid in Thailand. It's not easy to get fresh ones here in Cali. I'll pay for everything if you'll just let me know.

Lan said...

Hi Levie, sorry to say I do not ship fruits. I suggest you contact Pine Island nursery in Miami. See my Aug 13, 2011 blog here:
Look them up on the internet to find:

They may be able to ship you the fruits you want. They may have the Ok Rong mangoes too. Regarding your sister falling off the star fruit tree... yes, its branches are very brittle. Noone should climb them. I don't know how old you are, but the older you get, the more you crave for the fruits you knew when a kid... BUT, the less you like them at old age. So... you may not like the jackfruit now.