Sunday, April 1, 2012

My New Ferrari

Hey, look! This is my new Ferrari. I just got it special delivered this morning. It's brand new, a 2012 Ferrari California. You may know about all the noise of the US $656 Millions Mega Millions lottery jackpot, right? Well, you should not believe all the news from the paparazzi about where the winning tickets were sold. What do they know? It is reported that a winning ticket was purchased at a 7-11 store in Milford, Maryland; a second one was sold in Kansas; and the third one was sold in Red Bud, Illinois. Bunk! The real winning ticket was sold in a 7-11 store in Miami, and I bought that ticket for US $1.00. If you want positive proof, I can tell you that the winning numbers are: 2, 4, 23, 38, 46, and Megaball 23; and I have it right here in my pocket.

So, with my new mega bucks and their associated power, I special ordered this car and demanded it to ship to arrive this morning, just in time for the first day of April. By the way, Happy April's 1st! Want a test drive?
Ferrari California

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