Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cash for Clunkers

This is an American Chevrolet automobile dealer. As you may know, the American car industry is in turmoil. The government recently antied up US $2 Billion for a program they call "Cash for Clunkers" that gives owners of a BIG GAS GUZZLER like a monster truck up to US $ 4,500 to trade in for a smaller and more fuel efficient car. That money ran out in a flash and the program ends tomorrow, Monday August 24, 2009. Ironically, so far, the gaz guzzler exchange program users heavily tilt toward getting rid of the clunkers and get a FOREIGN car, like a Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Huyndai etc... That definitely does not help the American automobile industry, don't you think? Look at this big clunker in this photo, the US $15,000 on the wind shield is not the price of the car, that's the discount! I wonder who would still buy SUVs and big trucks in this economy.

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