Friday, May 14, 2010

Come On In

A new sale tactic is frequently used by many of the fast food chains here in Miami in battling each other: US $1 for a quick meal. Today, Burger King invites you in for a burger for a mere US dollar. It can be a Whopper Junior, or a new invention, the BK@ "Buck Double!" What's a Buck Double?

It's "The brand new BK® Buck Double is two flame-fresh beef patties topped with pickles, ketchup, and melted American cheese. All for just $1*. If you've got a buck, you're in luck. * Price and participation may vary. Prices higher in AK & HI."

Did you notice that all ads sport the ubiquitous "*?" That's the fine print that modifies the lure to get you into the store. The bet is no one is inside just to spend one dollar to buy just one thing and run out. It will cost you much more than that. Only in America!

Buck Double

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