Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No Flippping

This is is a peek at the local Burger King kitchen where the food magically appears promptly after a customer orders it. I think this is a real high pressure job because the managers' only loyalty is to the bottom line and they are all instructed to have the assembly line moves at top speed. To make a burger here must be tough. The worker looks at a monitor up high to see the code of how to make up the order, then get the correct ingredients on the buns and wrap it up to move it to the counter for delivery. OK.. buns... lettuce... onion... mayo... mushroom... patty (precooked by gas flame under computer control and delivered frozen so there is no need to "flip the hamburger" any more)... next one... next one... Can you do this all day? Someone must!

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Chels blog and Emma the dog said...

That is sad, and somewhat scary :/