Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Latin Corn Dough

It you were my date today, I would have treated you with some hot (just hot, not spicy) Latin corn dough. Do you like Arepa?

An arepa is a dish made of ground corn dough or cooked flour, very prominent in the cuisine of Colombia and Venezuela. It is similar in shape to the Mexican gordita and the Salvadoran pupusa. Arepas can also be found in Panama, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and the Canary Islands.

On MDC Kendall campus today, there is some kind of Latin food festival going on. Tents were erected to sell food at lunch time to students here. Various national dishes sell at about US $3.00 which are catered to students' pocket book. I spotted stands from Argentina, Peru, Venezuela and many more... all have arepa to sell.

I never had arepa before... went around to take sample shots. I'll buy a dish for you but I will pass. It looks too exotic to me. If I had a crave for corn, I'll have mine on the cob.
Corn Dough

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