Friday, March 15, 2013

Green Beer

Although Saint Patrick's Day is not going to be until Saturday, March 17th, we in Miami can't wait so some streets in downtown Coral Gables are closed to traffic early evening today for an early celebration of all things GREEN sponsored by John Martin's Irish Pub & Restaurant.

Of course, you've got to dress green and drink beer: Guiness, Harp, Smithwick's (an Irish red ale style beer from Kilkenny, Ireland) or a mixture thereof. I am tired of pouring these kinds of brew for 3 hours. I'm kaput! Not drunk, but kaput!


Ernesto IbaƱez said...

How is the Miami Carnival????? Give us please some pictures this next year 2014.

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Radko Aleksandrov said...

Miami Carnival is always awesome event. I love all happenings in Miami. My G+ page - Mover in Miami