Friday, July 13, 2007


To prove that Miami is not all glitz and glamor, here is a look at Overtown, long neglected by government and community alike. It is located just northwest of downtown Miami. Overtown is bounded by NW 5th Street to the South, NW 20th Street to the North; NW 1st Avenue to the East, and NW 7th Avenue to the West.

Overtown, Miami was once a thriving center for Greater Miami’s Black community, remains the city of Miami's poorest neighborhood.

* Fifty-five percent of people live in poverty.
* Sixty-two percent of households are headed by unmarried women.
* Only 10 percent of households are owner-occupied.

(Statistics from the year 2003.)

Here is a brighter look at an old building with its mural decorated by a local artist at the heart of Overtown.

Poor Miami

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