Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Miami Drizzling

Drizzling rain on the East-West Dolphin Expressway (836) with backdrop of the Miami downtown area showing new high rises marching Northward. It is typical in Miami to see clear blue skies only a few miles away from a local miserable downpour. Shot from the Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital complex, close to the dreaded Miami's Golden Glades Interchange!

I've been tagged by tog of Coral Gables.

These are the rules.

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2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
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I must list eight things about myself that not too many persons on earth know, and in turn tag eight other CDPBloggers to do the same. Everything I say here is true! No reasons to lie. So, scroll past the photo below...

Local Rain

1. I learned Judo (3 years, Brown belt) because I was awestruck by a girl named Helene, a blond French teen beauty in the Judo class. Only could date her twice! Had plenty of wrestling matches with her. Wish could relive these days and pin her down for long minutes on the tatami!
2. Dated another beautiful girl with a beautiful name of "Autumn" after giving her only two lessons of mathematics. Was boyfriend/girlfriend but not for too long because left for college! Dumb thing to do! Still regret it!
3. Dated a beautiful short haired brunette French girl with a boy name Mauricette, never went to school seriously because of her.
4. There are more girl stories, but changing tune so not to get too boring... I did get a first ever job in Paris boxing sausages. Worked only 1 morning and immediately quit!
5. Owned a Velo Solex in high school and raced it nightly and illegally on completely unlit highways even on moonless nights. Forgot how I stayed on highways. Must have been very lucky!
6. Arrested once and thrown in jail for 1 night before bailed out at the first morning light by cousin. Completely innocent of all police drummed up charges of illegally motorbike racing in the street.
7. Can't save any money.
8. Eternally happy soul. Have infinite patience. Nothing worries me!

I'm tagging the following eight people or blogs:

Ann of mobaydp.
Eliane of nyc.
Chris of Nashville.
lv2scpbk of Bellefonte.
Sally of Sydney.
Mike of Quick Snap 365.
Blogger of Weston.
Lynette of Portland.

I will notify the "taggees" by comments on their blog...


Lynette said...

OK, thanks for the tag. I'll link back to you soon.

Neat photo of the variety of weather in Miami.

Your 8 Random Facts are quite interesting. Now that lots of people on earth know them, what's next for you? I'm curious.

lv2scpbk said...

Thanks for the tag but I did it on my personal blog. Check it out here at:

TOG said...

Thanks for keeping up the tag.

TOG said...

I forgot to say something about the ladies. I must say none of the young girls could have been more beautiful then your wife.

Lan Nghiem-Phu said...

So true! So true! She easily beat out all the other candidates! Thank you, thank you for saving my neck!