Saturday, July 19, 2008

Scotty's Landing

This is a casual waterfront dining in Miami: Scotty's Landing off Dinner Key in Coconut Grove viewed from the bay. This is what you need to know about this restaurant:

1. We are not responsible for well done orders, special requests or natural occurrences.
2. Shoes & Shirts are required, and please, NO Cigar or Pipe Smoking on deck
3. 18% Gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more.
3-a. Una propina de 18% es agregada automaticamente a todas las cuentas de grupos de 6 personas o mas.
3-b. Yo ajoute yon tep de 18% otomatikman soutout resi pou gwoup de 6 ou plis.

English-Spanish and Creole


Hilda said...

Not responsible for well done orders?! What kind of restaurant is that? And 18% for more than 6 in a group? You'd think they'd want more people to dine there! Geez, and it looks like such a nice location. Sure has strange policies.

TOG said...

Does this mean that if you don't know English that you can use cigars or pipes and you don't need shoes and shirts?

Lan Nghiem-Phu said...

Obviously, they want to cover all situations when $ is concerned! No dispute possible there. I never tried this one, and some of my friends told me their food is just so so. After lerning about their policies, I have cold feet. I might still try it today, Sunday. They have music there Friday - Sunday. The problem is: I want my burger well done!