Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cold Grass

In case you have not seen this up close, this is what our grass looks like today. Not too thrilled! It does look quite sad because of the two cold nights, but do not worry, it will recover in no time and will force me to spend tons of money to have it trimmed oh so often! When the rain comes in April, May, it will again look like this. All the debris comes from my oak trees, dead leaves, dead branches etc...

Winter Grass

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TOG said...

What kind of grass do you have? If given enough water (even if you water only at legal times) your grass should be dark green maybe even a blue green. That's if you have St Augustine grass. But if you have Centipede it is normal for it to go brown. Zoysia grass will brown a little in winter.
My yard isn't much better because I don't water the grass in the dry season.I cut my own lawn and this gives me a chance to rest a little.