Monday, January 26, 2009


Segway is a fancy and exotic name for what is called the Human Transporter! This gadget made its appearance in the market place since 2001. Its price tag of US $ 5,000.00 is a serious deterrent to its sale, considering that an excellent bicycle can be bought for less than about US $300! So, what's the big deal with the Segway? You don't have to do much to move around! It's motorized. Because it is considered a motorized vehicle, the law can get complicated fast. This Public Safety Officer is riding this Segway around this college campus and he is posing for my photo. Some laws in the US say it is considered as a pedestrian, and can enjoy privileges afforded pedestrians, but it is not so in many cities, where more strict regulations of its use are required, including stiff fines when laws are violated.

So, how do you operate one, you ask? Lean forward to move the Segway forward. Lean backward to travel backwards on the Segway. Turn the steering grip to the right or left to turn the Segway while travelling. Shift weight to the center to stop. Step off the Segway one foot at a time and power off when finish ride.

Easy said than done. I'll stay out of his way!

You can get fat using this device. I like the bike much better. You can go and stop much faster, and you can burn tons of calories while bicycling.

Exercise, Not

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