Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jam in Grove

Plymouth Congregational Church, founded in 1897, is located in beautiful Coconut Grove, at the intersection of Main Highway and the left turn Devon Road, affiliated with the United Church of Christ. This photo only shows the beautiful coral rock outer walls and it does not do justice to this church that has a beautiful example of early Spanish influence in South Florida architecture. That photo has to wait for another day of my errant. Today's photo shows the traffic congestion in Coconut Grove due to the Art Festival there. Actually we are stuck, and Grove downtown is a good mile down stream! Many cars like this one has to make a run for alternate ways to get out of this jam. Me too!

Grove Church

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barbie said...

I was married at that church. The marriage didn't last but it's nice to see the church is as beautiful as ever. I miss the Grove art show but not Miami's traffic.