Saturday, February 27, 2010


"With Wade sidelined, Bucks gives Heat another thumping," said USA Today in their on line sports section. Sadly, as I said I would, I was there to witness: Milwaukee Bucks 94 - Miami Heat 71! What a beating, and the Heat's star Dwayne Wade was sidelined by injury for this game. Milwaukee is 3-0 this year against Miami, winning by a total of 50 points so even Wade wouldn't of much help. Rats! This shot captures some quite interesting facts about the US professional basketball sport. This is at the very end of the second quarter and the Heat called a time out with 1.6 second left. You'd be amazed what can happen in these games in a fraction of a second. The shot is that of the giant TV screen overhead. Major sports in the US are truly supported by highly sophisticated science and art. No wonder the players command so much income to play their games. Of course, your pocket book takes a beating if you want to watch these games live.

Miami's AA Arena

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