Saturday, March 5, 2011


What did I tell you? Miami's drivers are really bad! So although I was stopped at a traffic light, minding my own business, I got my arsekicked today at about 1:45PM Eastern Standard Time. Well, I should be more polite to correct my harsh words with "I was rear-ended" today! Rear-ended? Sounds humiliating, but such is life and you take what it hands to you with grace, if you can. The first lame excuse that person gave me was "I didn't see your car!" Of course, you @#$%^!, you didn't! The real excuse was that he dropped something on the floor and his foot slipped! I bet you a dollar he dropped his cell phone! Now this no doubt will bring me tons of grief to deal with: the insurance industry first, then the body shop bandits are next in line. Didn't I just say something about Commerce Lane yesterday? How prophetic was that? I predict I will be on foot for at least... let's say 10 days to have the entire rear bumper replaced. My guess is that will cost about a small fortune US $4K or more. I also will predict that the color won't match and I will end up with a two tone colored car! Ain't life grand?

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