Friday, March 4, 2011

Todd's The Man

This Todd guy is not shy. He is claiming that he has the best sub on earth. In South Miami, Commerce Lane is a very charming small street that is just North of Sunset Drive, between SW 68th and 70th streets. This is where you can get your car back in shape after you have dinged and dented here and there. Then there is Todd. I've got to try his sub one of these days... but... looking at his shop, I am not so sure, especially that he has an offering of making copies to supplement his income. But you never can tell. I like the way he portrays his earth on the door. His South America is mirror image of the true shape, his Africa looks like India and his Europe looks like it was still with the shape from the mesozoic age. Like I said, you never can tell and this place may have the best sub on earth. Only seven bucks. It would be better if it were 4, then I would definitely come soon.
Todd's Sub

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