Saturday, September 15, 2012

Go Canes!

It's again American football season. I only go to see college games and today, my Alma mater the University of Miami Canes have plan to decimate its opponent, the Daytona Beach Wildcats. Every American football team has a head coach, and we have our head coach Al Golden. In the US, sports are big (gargantuan) business and each sport has its own quirks and the likes. Coaches of basket ball teams must wear US $ 3,000+ suits, expensive silk ties and dress to kill, groomed, hair just so and so and finger nails and toe nails manicured perfectly prior to games. Foot ball coaches? They look like sweating blue collar workers running up and down the sidelines yelling plays by secret incomprehensible signs, not unlike baseball. Not our coach Al. He wears a tie! Unheard of until his reign! So, naturally, it became a sensation.

Here is a positive proof of this rather new phenomenon taken at the game today. It is commonly reported that our beloved coach Al, unlike most younger football coaches, wears a poorly fitted dress shirt, slacks and a tie on the sidelines. It is also reported that he wears this tie because his Mom wants it just that way... and may be it's his lucky charm. In any way, this photo shows you one way fans dress up to go to the game to cheer the home team.

Fitted shirt... Yup! Orange tie... Yup! Slacks? Who needs them? By the way, we soundly beat the visiting team Bethune-Cookman (B-CU) of Florida's Daytona Beach 38 - 10. Go Canes!
Go Canes!

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