Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Miami Taxicab

Taxicabs are usually owned by a large taxicab service and operated by an employee of the company (a taxi driver.) There are many taxicab service companies in Miami and the Yellow Cab is one such company. The rides are not cheap when compared to a city bus ride which costs US $1.50 A taxi ride in this yellow cab costs $ 4.50 for the first mile and $ 2.40 each additional mile. If the taxi driver must wait for you, each waiting minute costs $2.00 Most of the cabs are air conditioned which is an absolute must in Miami. Some of the taxi drivers may take un-necessary detours to inflate the meter if they think you are a visiting tourist. Most of the taxi cabs are well maintained and safe thanks to strict government regulations and fierce business competition. For instant recognition, they are all painted yellow as seen in this photograph.

Yellow Taxi

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