Friday, April 6, 2007


At first look, you'd think this is another SUV! That is the designation for "Sport Utility Vehicle" which is the darling of the American commuters. You can see in this photo some of them in the parking lot, although these are the smaller ones. The roads of Miami (and I am sure anywhere else in the US) are full of SUVs. I hate these huge "mini trucks" especially when they get inside parking garages. Most of the time, they are empty with only one driver.

This photo is taken outside a large grocery chain in Miami. The "mini SUV" is a grocery cart in disguise so mothers (and fathers too) can do their grocery shopping and keep their small kids happy. The real shopping cart is at the front, and the kids sit in the "car" to pass their time.


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Abraham Lincoln said...

I sure would hate to push a kid in one of them. It looks heavy.