Saturday, April 14, 2007

Vanishing point & Feng Shui

Some ancient (and not so ancient) cultures believed that "shars" or poison arrows travel in straight lines. Therefore, one should avoid straight lines often found in power lines, railroads, walls, rivers and roads. For example, the corner of a neighboring house may be pointed directly at your house. This is a "no no!" There are also traffic or road-related shars, like when your house is at the intersection of two streets, when traffic faces your house, or when your house is built on a curve of a road. Practically speaking, these types of traffic situations are negative because headlights are likely to shine in your windows at night. One remedy would be to build a fence or row of trees/shrubs to shield your home from the road.

I am a scientist, and all I know is the house being "shar'ed" used to belong to a guy in my in-law side. He hurriedly sold this house on 1 acre of prime land for peanuts a dozen years ago after learning about the adverse "shar." Now it is worth US $ 1.5 Million+ just for the land!

Adverse Shar?

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