Saturday, June 2, 2007

Here We Go

Living in paradise (Miami) has its price tag. Today is the second day of the hurricane season, and already the second named storm is lurking: Barry. Storms are named alternately using male and female names, alphabetically, starting from A, of course. Hopefully, Barry will bring a good dose of rain to parched Florida. These storms are quite large and Miami is seeing the outskirt of Barry. It's ugly and raining outside. Here is a photo of the TV screen from the early morning weather report on CNN. Barry is the white glob in the ocean west of the coast of Florida and its rain bands are already inland.


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Anonymous said...

I suppose it is something to worry about but over the long run I would be more concerned about Global Warming and Florida going under several feet.

I can't convince my son of that though. He thinks Florida has a divine right to be there.

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