Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rickenbacker Causeway

Another steamy hot Miami afternoon. Here is a shot of the Rickenbacker Causeway showing the tall William M. Powell bridge connecting Miami to Virginia Key across Biscayne bay. The photo is taken from the old draw bridge that is closed to traffic, but kept as a structure from which people come to fish for pleasure and for catch. I used to sit on this drawbridge, fuming in the heat waiting for the tall sailboats to cross at their leisurely pace. So many people was so mad that they finally built the tall bridge and the drawbridge became history. This place is quite a mess now with lots of litter from careless or lazy people who come to fish.

Old Drawbridge


prash said...

nice picture!

laurel said...

You're right! I did a run over this bridge last week and as I was looking down to the fisherman below, I couldn't believe the amount of litter!