Friday, June 29, 2007

Suzie's Cesar's

I was at a large dinner gathering tonight, at an expensive restaurant in an upscale neighborhood of Miami that will remain nameless. This is Suzie's salad. Suzie sat across me in a table of 8. The salad looks ugly, uninspiring, unartistic, served on a plate that is gauche, unappealing and bland. The only consolation is that the salad itself was pretty good. The rest of the food was served late, banal, unremarkable and the portion was too small. The waiters did not understand English, spilled the red wine on the lady guests and did not serve dessert until asked repeatedly. The only coffee available was American, no capuccino nor express. The room was noisy and the other parties next door were loud and uncourteous. You can be sure I'll never return to this place.



Anonymous said...

Yuk, yuk, yuk.

It looks horrible.

I hope you have a nice weekend.

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lv2scpbk said...

I wouldn't ever want to go there. I've been in a few restaurants like that with bad servers.

We went on a wine tasting tour in San Francisco last week. I posted some photos of the area on my personal blog. Take a look. Today on CDB I posted something yummy.

laurel said...

Let me guess, that salad cost you at least $12?

There are so many restaurants here in Miami that look great, but have nothing but horrible, overpriced food and bad service.

Ann said...

I wish you would tell us the restaurant so that we could avoid it completely!

Lan Nghiem-Phu said...

OK. Toscano Grille, 2120 Salzedo St., Corlal Gables. Hope they don't sue me, in which case I will remove this and all traces... but my descriptions were accurate to the last word.

TOG said...

The Miami Herald wrote a review about that restaurant and it was so bad that your note made it sound pretty good. I was out of town that night and unable to enjoy the evening (yes I was invited).