Monday, August 11, 2008

Future Looking Dim

This is the "lobby" of the Tire Kingdom store in South Miami, on US-1 next to the Sunset Place. This is where I get tires for my cars, and this is that time again. Unfortunately (for me,) the tires I need are made for Saudi sultans. I am told they are rated Speedindex W! That means they support speed up to 168 mph/270 km/h. Right, I am going out there to race with the Ghinis of Miami! To justify more for the cost that can buy an entire new condo of the Village of Dadeland, they are Run Flat tires! I like that! The run flat property is given by a reinforced side wall that preserves the shape of the tire in case of pressure loss, thus preventing the tire from falling off the rim. I like that too! That means in case of a flat tire, it is possible to drive another 250 km running at 80 km/h. I hope that would never happen to me!

One thing for sure is that I need two tires 255/35R18 90W today (can't just change one) and I am going flat, broke and worn out!

Worn Out

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Anu said...

Interesting tire lobby. Those are pretty expensive. I never knew tires can go 250km even after they have no pressure.
Nice photo.