Sunday, August 10, 2008

Time Travel

If you want to return to your past of a few decades, visit Jimbo's. This place in Virginia Key, rated among the 50 best "bars" in America, established in 1954, will take you back many decades to the time when Miami was still native and wild. Time stands still here! Inside that darkened room with no A/C, lit by a few light bulbs and ventilated by a single ancient fan, you can buy beer, soft drink, bottled water and delicious smoke fish. Outside, you can sit on vintage old chairs at old beat up picnic tables, relax, share the smoke fish with the friendly cats and dogs. Beware, they will steal your fish in a flash if you look away. Shake hands with the locals, the bikers and the bums who are lurking around. Play a game of "hook the ring" or "petanque." Great place to spend a lazy Sunday.

Chez Jimbo's

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Snapper said...

It's nice to know that places like this still exist in "Walmart" America. Really enjoyed your blog. Cheers!