Sunday, June 15, 2008

Marjory Stoneman Douglas Drive

I live just a block North of Sunset Drive, also known as SW 72nd Street, which recently acquired a third name "Marjory Stoneman Douglas Drive"

A short report was written by Richard Yager in Miami's Community Newspapers that is repeated verbatim in quotes below...

"For years, motorists have been reminded they were traveling “Marjory Stoneman Douglas Drive,” detailed by yellow lettering against the drab brown background of metal signs planted in swale areas of the 12.5-milelong SW 72nd Street (Sunset Drive) that begins at Cocoplum Circle in Coral Gables and goes west to 167th Avenue.

Now, a stone marker proclaims SW 72nd Street (Sunset Drive) as a “Historic Road,” a more permanent way to honor Miami- Dade’s prominent environmental author. Located on a grassy island, the lightly toned, 6- by 10-foot concrete marker with raised black lettering faces westbound traffic at a Palmetto Expressway (SR 826) northbound entry ramp to memorialize her conservation efforts.

The marker dedication took place during the anniversary month of Ms. Douglas’ birth (April 1890 in Minneapolis, MN), and nearly 10 years following her death on May 14, 1998, after a lifetime of conservation efforts, most permanently championed in her landmark environmental book, The Everglades: Rivers of Grass, published in 1947."

Here it is in a photo taken today. The stone marker reads:

"SW 72 St.
Sunset Drive
Marjory Stoneman Douglas Drive
Historic Road"

Historic Road

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