Friday, June 13, 2008


Pinecrest was incorporated on March 12, 1996 and is one of thirty-four municipalities in Miami-Dade County. Pinecrest is home to approximately 19,460 residents and is conveniently located twenty minutes south of Downtown Miami and Miami International Airport. Pinecrest encompasses approximately eight square miles and is recognized as one of the most beautiful residential areas in South Florida. This beautiful home in Pinecrest is typically of houses in this area. In the past, most houses in Miami have wide open yards. Now, the majority has walls and gates to enhance privacy. You can see the two bottle palms in the luxurious landscape at the front of this house and Tog will tell us the names of the two beautiful flowering trees.

Beautiful Home

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TOG said...

The two trees are Queen's crepe myrtle. The leaves can make a tea that will help people to lose weight. Some Pacific island has the only form that really works, because theirs is expensive. Sorry I just saw my name today.