Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day O

Banana plants are of the family Musaceae. They are cultivated primarily for their fruit and are found in more than a hundred countries in the world. Their leaves are used as very popular wrappers for many oriental dishes. It is perfectly natural for banana leaves to be shredded by the wind, and when you see banana plants in their normal habitat they will almost always have severely torn leaves, just like this photo shows. There is actually an old saying in South East Asia that claims that anyone lucky enough to see a perfect, non-shredded banana leaf will have a wish fulfilled. Well, today is NOT my lucky day!

Shredded banana leaves are not a problem for the plant – as long as the leaf is green it will continue to carry out photosynthesis and provide the plant with energy. This plant does not have one leaf not being thoroughly shredded. Can you see the handsome bunch of bananas in this photo?


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