Friday, September 5, 2008

Oh No!

Bad News! Did I say that the US National Hurricane Center has made giant strides in their capability to make accurate predictions and they are usually right on with the future paths of storms? We are going to be in BIG TROUBLE early next week! Ike is coming, and it may be a mighty category 3 or 4 hurricane with nothing but warm open oceans before hitting the Bahamas and then US! I still remember cat 5 Andrew in 1992, and certainly do not want to blog any of that kind of photos of Miami! We can start to get frantic, starting NOW! I will definitely have to put up all the shutters by Saturday and start to hunker down! I bet the entire Southeast coast of Florida (and Miami) will shut down may be as early as Sunday. Help! Les Femmes et les Enfants d'abord! Au Secours! A l'aide! SOS! Ayuda! De Rescate! Hilfe! ヘルプ! помощь! βοήθεια! hjelp! aiuto! hjälp!

Bad News

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