Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yikes!... Ike

September is the peak time for hurricanes that can affect life in sub-tropical regions such as Miami (and the surrounding nations.) At this time, the tropic is full of storms brewing, alternately named as male/female. After Gustav, a guy, stormed through, Hanna is poised to cause trouble. In Miami, we are not too concerned about her, but the next guy, Ike, may be trouble in the making. We got to keep an eye on him. Farther out, Josephine is on sight but she will just go North in the open ocean, not bothering much else.

You can see our sister city, the Turks & Caicos Islands, in this hurricane map. She is being battered right now by Hanna, and hope that Ike will spare her.

The National Hurricane Center in the US has made giant strides in their capability to make accurate predictions and they are usually right on with the future paths of storms. I can tell you that is a big relief for us here in Miami. We know when we should get frantic and bite our finger nails. For Ike, it'll be by this weekend.


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Michael said...

Good luck with all the storm watching! I hope these all miss you! Keep up the good work on the blog too. I don't get by often, but when I'm missing home I do check in. :-)