Saturday, April 9, 2011

$16 a pound!

OK... To continue on my oceanic thoughts... I decided to venture into buying fish for today's dinner. The incentive is that I know I can whip up some frying fish in no time...say a couple of minutes; and I am sick and tired of hamburgers. I was too afraid of traffic jam so charter boats were out of the question... Captain's Tavern came to the rescue, which is conveniently just South of the Datran center on US-1. Well, as suspected, eating fish ain't cheap!

Groupers, I know, are delicious fish to eat. They are fish of any of a number of genera in the subfamily Epinephelinae of the family Serranidae, in the order Perciformes. They can grow quite large, and lengths over a metre and weights up to 100 kg are not uncommon. In September 2010, a record 250kg grouper was caught off the coast of Costa Rica. It was a 2.3 meter (7.5 feet) giant grouper.

You can see the price that grouper commands here on the second tray from the left, about US $16 per pound. The grouper fellow that lost its life in Costa Rica last year would have reeled in $16 x 500 pounds = US $8,000.00. Wow! I am quitting my day job to start a new fishing career! Today, I was out $11 for a mere half pound of grouper! It was delicious and I'm broke!

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