Friday, April 15, 2011

Lime Shake

I forgot all about this place until today. This is a way side small market place that has been here for decades. So, what is it called? Wayside Fruit and Vegetable, and it sits on Red Road (SW 57th Avenue) at 100th street. I stopped by to get a three dollar lime shake. Delicious! I also forgot that there is a sausage tree right here... and it has quite a few large fruits hanging atop. Today, there is a bunch of little kids enjoying their passover outing and getting a treat of shakes, cookies and fresh fruits with their parents right here. During mango season, this place used to have all kinds of mango that are grown locally. I must return here in July-August for a mango feast. At this time, they have fresh fruits and vegetable for sale. Across Red Road, a long canal runs all the way South then East across R Hardy Matheson County Preserve North of Gables By The Sea to discharge into Biscayne Bay. This is a very pleasant area of Miami full of charm.

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