Sunday, April 3, 2011

Running Aground

Years ago, I learned how to sail in Biscayne Bay, and mapped out all the sand bars by running aground on them. I then knew where they were... but that was a long time ago. Today, I went sailing with an expert sailor friend in his sailboat. Of course I trusted him with his thorough knowledge of Biscayne Bay's hazards. Not so. We ran aground. Fearless a captain that he was, he jumped into the bay and freed the sail boat, only to see it going away with me frantic inside. Here he is, in the water, trying his best to swim to his sailboat with me at the helm, trying my best to come back to meet him. A good thing he knows how to swim and no great whites in sight! Of course, it was pretty dicey, so we got help from this nice man who came to the rescue. You want to know where this spot is on earth? It's at the green arrow in the Google map photo. That location came from the GPS record in my photo. Isn't life fun?
Sand Bar
Titanic event...

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