Sunday, April 17, 2011

Storm Lizard

The viviparous lizard or common lizard (Zootoca vivipara, formerly Lacerta vivipara) is a Eurasian lizard. It lives farther north than any other reptile species, and most populations are viviparous (giving birth to live young), rather than laying eggs as most other lizards do. However, that statement can be modified by the fact that the common lizards can both lay eggs and give birth to live young. They lay eggs in warm climates (ovi,) and bear live young in cold ones (vivi.) In Miami, there is an amazing number of these lizards, and their population seems to be sustained no matter what. I know that these lizards that live here are vivi predominantly, but, I also know that they are ovi because I have seen tiny egg shell remains in my garage. I also know they don't like water because they always try to escape when I try to give them a copious shower while watering plants. Well, what do you expect? I'd do the same if some giant guy showers me with a giant shower head. Here is one cute lizard enjoying the aftermath of a late afternoon Miami mini thunder shower. The patio screen is still soaked but he doesn't seem to mind. Can you tell if he's inside or outside of the screen? Are you looking at his belly or his back?
Vivi and Ovi

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