Friday, June 3, 2011


This is another blog that may give a feeling that all I do is to go around Miami stuffing myself with food. Hey, since I've got to eat, and only can cook so often, please bear with me. Today, let me show you an "all-you-can-eat" place: the Shinju Japanese Buffet located at 87 Avenue and Sunset Drive inside the Winn-Dixie Shopping Plaza. Here, you can find sushi, sashimi (dinner), seafood, hibachi (I don't really care for those,) and oriental hot food (I like them much better.) This cook... not sure if he is the chief and only cook here, but he works extremely hard to make sizzlingly hot and delicious dish. That's my entree: beef, shrimp and chicken, garnished with mushroom, zucchini, onion and etc... That is really all "you-can-eat" but you can never resist not to get more because there are tons of other things to gorge yourself with, which I gladly did. The bottom line is I think this is BAD, and I should not come here too often. You see the plastic jar with green backs? You feel real bad if you did not offer him a tip for the constant work that he does. I was here for lunch so they did not have fish and crab. Rats! I need to return for dinner. Shoudl I? If I do, you'll know.

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